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Who was summer?

Summer was one of Alexa’s childhood dogs. She lived 16 beautiful years and was a safe haven for Alexa. Alexa was long out of the house when she received the call that Summer was not doing well.


We knew it was time for her walk over the rainbow bridge.

Alexa drove out to her parents' house to find Summer on the floor unable to get up. Upon hearing Alexa’s greeting, she was ecstatic, the most lively she’d been in a long while! Alexa picked her up, held her, and carried her to her final destination on Earth.

As we waited for the injection to take hold, Summer simply didn’t want to leave us. Alexa knelt from the bench where she was sitting, put her hand on her pup's heart and told her she would be okay. She could go now. Summer then took her last breath.

Summer’s memory lives on through Summer’s Haven Doodles as we breed companion dogs with the intention for them to be like her - a safe haven.

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