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Visitation Policy Clarification

Our policy states that families without prior deposits for our pups may not visit our breeding location. There is prevailing advice on dog acquisition websites, emphasizing the importance of visiting breeders and meeting the pup's parents beforehand. However, these guidelines often prioritize the buyer's experience rather than the well-being and safety of the pups and breeders. 

Safety of our Litters:

  1. Pups possess very fragile immune systems and are incredibly vulnerable to disease. Well-meaning visitors can unknowingly introduce diseases like parvovirus and distemper, which can quickly result in the loss of some or all of the pups. Additionally, there is a new, respiratory illness being spread in dogs that we are taking great precautions to prevent in our litters. 

  2. A mother dog's stress significantly affects her pups. The arrival of a stranger during this crucial time can agitate the mother, prompting the release of cortisol into her milk. Puppies consuming this cortisol-laden milk consequently experience heightened stress levels.

  3. A stranger's sudden presence can agitate the mother, leading to rapid changes in behavior. In some cases, panicked mothers unintentionally harm or even fatally injure a pup by standing too quickly or stepping on a pup while trying to assess and eliminate perceived threats.


Safety of my dog, myself, and my home:

  1. Inquiries from potential buyers provide limited information about them. Inviting strangers into our home poses a safety risk to both our dogs and family members, as we have no background knowledge about the visitors apart from basic, possibly inaccurate, details shared via email.

  2. Raising pups professionally and ethically and tending to dogs is an incredibly demanding responsibility. Every moment spent with visitors detracts from crucial time that should be dedicated to the care and nurturing of the pups, ensuring they are at their best for potential buyers, or for the well-being of our own dogs, which is the primary reason for our breeding efforts.

  3. While some view visiting pups as a leisure activity, we cannot compromise the health and safety of our pups, dogs, or family merely for casual interaction. Only committed and genuinely interested buyers are considered for such access.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding regarding our firm stance on prioritizing the health and safety of our pups and hope you perceive this as a testament to our commitment as compassionate, responsible breeders.

If you live a long distance away and/or are not fully committed to purchasing a pup, we would be happy to set up a zoom call to show you our beautiful pups and answer any questions you may have.

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