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About Me

About Us

Good Dog Ethical Breeding Program

Our high quality pups are our top priority. Raising companion dogs requires 24/7 care and we do just that. One litter at a time, quality time with each pup, offering them the highest standards of veterinary care, a healthy home environment, ENS/ESI, desensitization training and more. We have seen the tragedy of unethical and back yard breeding and want to provide owners with reasonably priced, high quality dogs. As working professionals, raising pups in our home is a blessing and joy.


All pups from our Ryder x Lucy litter have found their forever homes!

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specialized care provided
to our pups:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation

  • Early Scent Introduction

  • Sound Desensitization

  • Dewormed & Dewclaws Removed

  • All Necessary Vaccinations

  • Three Vet Checkups (Lomira Veterinary Village)

  • Microchipped and stool tested

  • Exposure to other dogs, children, and elderly

  • Grooming, crate introductions, stairs, leash, collar desensitization, and more!

Contact Me
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Summers Haven Facebook
Haven Doods Stella, Champ, David, Binx
Haven Doods Playing with Children
Haven Doods Outdoor Pup Play
Haven Doods Max Bath
Haven Doods Stella Two Weeks Old
Haven Doods Lucy and Luka Feeding
Haven Doods Stella Sleeping
Haven Doods Theo in Tunnel
Haven Doods K.C.
Haven Doods Lucy and Max 4 Days Old
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